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73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple

Discover Zola's list of 73 dream wedding themes for every style of couple. Themes range from art deco or gothic, retro or shabby chic, & emerging trends we love.

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Have you chosen a wedding theme for your big day? If not, you should. We’ve put together an extensive list of different wedding themes we love that can be tailored to all sorts of couples, tastes, and wedding styles.

Do I Need a Theme for My Wedding?

Though having one isn't mandatory, theme weddings can help you decide on the style of your bridesmaid dresses dress, the wedding cake/food you serve, the photos you take for your wedding website, wedding colors, and more. Having a wedding theme can also help you create more cohesion with your other pre-wedding events—for example, connection your wedding theme with your bachelorette party theme.

How Do I Choose a Wedding Theme?

If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Regardless of whether you are looking for a fall wedding or spring wedding, there are plenty of unique wedding reception themes for you and your partner to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding theme ideas, that match the needs of book lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, an offbeat bride, and even more! Keep reading to discover the perfect wedding theme with 73 jaw-dropping wedding ideas for every style of bride.

Popular Themes For Weddings

Before we jump into all the wedding themes to choose from—whether you're classic or creative, glam or vintage, alternative or boho-inspired—let's take a look at some of the most popular wedding themes for today's soon-to-be-married couples:

  1. Formal contemporary: Stick to the basics with this upscale wedding theme that uses design elements from the present. Draped fabrics, crystal chandeliers, and tall centerpieces will bring this sophisticated look together.

  2. Classic glam: A classic glam affair is dazzling and over the top, with luxurious details from the venue to the decor. Monochromatic color palettes are popular, with metallics mixed in to add glitz and glamour.

  3. Natural: Consider an open-air courtyard to celebrate the beauty of nature throughout your wedding day. Eco-friendly wedding details such as edible favors and a sustainable exit help add sustenance to your natural wedding vibe.

Classic Wedding Themes

If you're a traditional, classic person, chances are, you're going to gravitate towards traditional, classic wedding themes.

But "classic" and "traditional" certainly don't need to translate to "boring!" There are plenty of wedding themes that will give you the classic look and feel that you're going for—while still feeling exciting and unique—including:

  1. Winter wonderland: Your winter wedding celebration can glisten like snow with a winter wonderland theme. Use sparkles, snowflakes, and holiday decorations to achieve this dreamy aesthetic.

  2. Fall foliage: Use the colors of fall to inspire your wedding style—think maroon, gold, and forest green.

  3. Full bloom: In spring, all the flowers are in bloom—and you can use those blooming flowers as theme inspiration to your wedding. Incorporate fresh spring flowers into every element of your wedding decor—from elaborate table arrangements to a floral arbor.

Classic Modern Wedding Themes

  1. Modern minimalist: Reduce distractions by limiting over-the-top decor and focusing instead on what really matters: the happy couple. Less is more with this simplistic theme that uses shapes, geometry, and small pops of color to come to life.

  2. Mid-century modern: Embrace this retro (yet still modern) design style in your wedding decor with retro tablescapes and burnt orange furniture.

  3. Art deco: Celebrate the timeless elegance of the roaring ’20s with gold decor, sparkling sequins, feathers, and lots of bubbly. Use a wedding color scheme of white, gold, and black for a sophisticated art deco design.

  4. Art history: For a tasteful and refined affair, consider a theme that commemorates art history throughout its decor and design. A museum or small art gallery is the perfect setting for this eventful art lesson.

  5. Preppy: Your country club wedding is the perfect stage for a preppy wedding theme. Combine bright accents and modern patterns together for a bold and flirty design in your modern save the dates, invitations, and decor.

wedding-themes-modern Sources: Mariah Naella | Kate Merrill Photography | J Wiley Photography | Captured Frames

Classic Glamorous Wedding Themes

  1. Chic estate: Old world glam takes center stage on the sprawling estate lawn during your ceremony and reception. Dress up your wedding tent with linens, lights, and floating florals for a look that’s elegant and refined.

  2. Classic romance: This timeless wedding theme comes with a soft, delicate palette of pinks and golds and traditional table decor such as bouquets made of roses and peonies. To set the romantic mood, provide candlelight and intimate seating for your guests.

  3. Vineyard chic: Wine enthusiasts can make bubbly an important part of their wedding day with a vineyard chic celebration. To bring your vision to life, consider hosting your ceremony and reception at an actual vineyard and use wine bottles and corks as creative decor.

  4. Botanical bliss: If you plan to play up florals on your wedding day, consider a botanical bliss wedding theme. This upscale garden party is luxe and sophisticated, and typically features metallic palettes and opulent floral displays. Send a floral save the date and wedding invitation to match your wedding theme decor.

Classic Rustic Wedding Themes

  1. Rustic: For a rustic theme—popular with outdoor weddings—play up natural elements or homey decor (like plenty of greenery and mason jar floral arrangements).

  2. Country: Break out the cowboy boots and country music at a ranch-style wedding. You can even incorporate ranch activities like hayrides and horseback rides if your venue allows it.

  3. Shabby chic: This rustic-meets-vintage wedding style is all about romantic, soft textures and warm colors. Take something old and make it new again by decorating with antique centerpieces and light fixtures.

  4. Farm-to-table: Make food the focal point of your day by creating an outdoor ambiance using organic decor and fresh menu offerings. Try an earthy palette and centerpieces that feature fruits and vegetables.

  5. Southern charm: Peach cobbler and citrus are just some of the fixings to serve at your Deep South-inspired celebration. Play up feminine details and casual elegance in your ceremony and reception.

  6. French countryside: If you’re getting married at a chateau-style venue, consider saying “I do” the French way. This wedding theme mixes opulence with rustic chic. Make sure to bring lots of lavender, macarons, and baguettes baked with love.

wedding-themes-rustic Sources: Stacey Able Photography | Mango Studios | Lara Hotz | Nichols Photographers

Classic Vintage Wedding Themes

  1. Tea party: Host a vintage tea party for a daytime wedding celebration that’s both casual and cute. Serve snacks on fine China, have bridesmaids carry parasols, and don’t forget delicate touches of lace in your vintage wedding invitations and decor.

Classic Destination Wedding Themes

  1. Tropical: You don’t have to get married on the beach to embrace the island vibe. Use lush palms, exotic flowers, and conch shells to pull together a tropical wedding, and encourage guests to get into theme with resort wear.

  2. Nautical: Anchor your love in place with a wedding theme that celebrates the high seas. Dress your celebration up with blue hues, breezy linens, and delicious seafood stations.

  3. Beach: If you’re dreaming of getting married barefoot, toes in the sand, then a beach wedding is for you! Embrace the shoreline with your decor and bouquet with a wedding arch made of dried poms.

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Creative Wedding Themes

Want to embrace a more creative vibe for your wedding? Then creative wedding themes might be just what you've been looking for. Think outside of the box while planning your dream wedding with these out-of-the-box wedding themes:

Creative Seasonal Wedding Themes

  1. Summer glamp: Go glamping for a laid-back camp-themed wedding with a touch of glamour. Elevate a barn or backyard venue with feminine furniture and festive food stations for a summer camp experience like no other.

  2. Midsummer: Celebrate the Swedish Midsummer holiday with a summertime ceremony that is centered around florals. Host a daytime picnic where you and your guests relax in the sun while making flower crowns and wreaths.

Creative Modern Wedding Themes

  1. Postmodern industrial: Revitalize a worn-down space such as an old factory or abandoned warehouse with a gritty and contemporary spin by using sharp lines and sleek accents. This theme looks to the future of design so have some fun picturing what your postmodern world looks like.

  2. Geode: This glittering gemstone wedding theme really rocks. Incorporate agate place cards, a geode cake design, and other stone accents to achieve this look.

  3. Pop art: If you’re looking for a loud wedding theme that always stays relevant, throw a pop art wedding. This style, made famous by artist Andy Warhol, mixes pop culture items with more traditional pieces for a look that’s anything but boring.

  4. Feminine maximalist: More is more with this colorful and loud wedding theme that plays up dramatic displays and quirky touches. Make your maximalism pretty in pink with cascading florals and bright embellishments.

Creative Glamorous Wedding Themes

  1. Royal wedding: Channel the grace of Meghan Markle and the tradition of the British royal family with this romantic wedding theme. Myrtle flowers, London artwork, tiaras, and tea help make this look authentically chic.

  2. Desert chic: Achieve an earthy glam aesthetic—with a boho touch—by mixing elevated bohemian elements with desert plants. This is perfect for a summer wedding theme in the western heat. Send guests home with a succulent wedding favor to complete the theme.

  3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Your wedding palette can’t get more luxurious than Tiffany Blue. This classy wedding theme will embody the late great Audrey Hepburn, so play up her timeless style with white and black fashion accessories.

  4. Masquerade: Throw a dark, classy, and refined affair, all while wearing a mask. Whether you’re channeling Venice or Mardi Gras, this fun and festive wedding theme is heavy on the glitz, glamour, and mystery.

  5. Grecian: Host a wedding worthy of the gods by adorning your venue in drapes, vines, and earthy colors. Gold accents and greenery can help make the white and cream drapery pop.


Creative Rustic Wedding Themes

  1. Kentucky Derby: This upscale country wedding theme is perfect for spring weddings. Bring southern glitz and glamour into your day with derby favorites like chic hats, mint juleps, and of course, horses!

  2. Patriotic: If you, your spouse, or someone you love has served, consider paying homage to their sacrifice with red, white, and navy blue wedding details. You can encourage veterans and service members to come dressed in uniform.

Creative Vintage Wedding Themes

  1. Retro Trailer: Throw a unique and laid-back ceremony and reception in a retro trailer park. Gather a bouquet of wildflowers, hang twinkle lights for decoration, and serve barbecue to keep with the casual theme.

  2. Vintage Travel: Adventure seekers will love decorating for this theme that uses antique globes, postcards, and other vintage travel pieces as creative decor. Celebrate your wanderlust as you embark on the greatest journey of all.

  3. 1950s: Take it back to happy days with a retro rock-a-billy wedding. Wear a tea length wedding gown and perfectly coiffed hair to achieve style aesthetic, and set up a photo booth to capture all the fun.

  4. Renaissance: Take your love back in time with this historical wedding theme. Consider replacing the traditional bridal dress with a medieval gown and serving up a menu full of ancient spices.

  5. Elvis elopement: Elope like you’re in Las Vegas, complete with your own Elvis Presley officiant. You can keep it casual with this vintage style ceremony.

  6. Fantasy of flight: If you’re an aviation enthusiast, consider celebrating the fantasy of flight on your wedding day. Take your decorations back to 1937, the year Amelia Earhart took her last flight.

  7. Midnight in Paris: You don’t have to go all the way to France to have a dazzling Parisian wedding celebration. Create a nostalgic vibe using creative touches such as books written by Hemmingway and Bukowski as centerpiece decor.

  8. Theatre: If you and your partner are film buffs, consider hosting your wedding at a historical theatre. Make movie magic part of your day with popcorn, a film screening, and touches of old Hollywood glamor.

  9. Peacock: Channel the glamor of 1920s lounges with a peacock wedding theme. This mod, chic wedding style uses the beautiful shades of peacock feathers to bring together the ceremony and reception details.


Creative Storybook Wedding Themes

  1. Harry Potter: If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to Hogwarts, a magical ball might be the wedding theme for you. Break out your wand, spell books, and chocolate frogs and throw a party that would make Potter proud.

  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Host a magical Shakespearean-inspired wedding in the height of summer — think fairy lights and greenery at a post-sunset celebration that’s heavy on the romance and wine.

  3. Alice in Wonderland: Take your guests down a rabbit hole with this themed garden party idea. Bring the look together with eclectic touches such as clocks, cards, pocket watches, and pastels.

  4. Romantic Fairytale: Ditch the kitschy themes in favor of an upscale fairytale rich in romantics. Use a pink and white color palette for a dreamy aesthetic and add tasteful touches to your reception decor.

  5. Great Gatsby: Celebrate the Jazz Age with a Gatsby-inspired party featuring diamonds, feathers, and glamorous accents — don’t forget the champagne towers and fringe.

  6. Twilight: Edward and Bella knew a thing or two about love. Channel the infamous Twilight wedding outdoors with dangling florals and wooden furniture.

  7. Enchanted Forest: Earthy couples can embrace the mystique of the forest with this wedding theme that features twinkling lights, hanging moss, and greenery vines.

  8. Secret Garden: Take a page from the English novel and host a wedding inspired by the cozy and lush charm of a British garden.

  9. Disney: Inspire childlike wonder with a Disney-themed wedding. Whether you focus on one story, such as Cinderella, or mix in elements from multiple fairytales, this theme is sure to evoke nostalgia in your guests.

wedding-themes-storybook Sources: Stephanie Weber Photography | Nirav Patel | Abigail Malone | Arte De Vie and Blue Gardenia Events

Creative Destination Wedding Themes

  1. Aloha brunch: Host a Hawaiian-inspired luau during the day so you can take advantage of the sunshine and vibrant colors. The morning reception opens up new menu offerings like banana pancakes and mimosas.

  2. Jungalow: What is a jungalow wedding? Jungalow designer Justina Blakeney describes this design style as wild, cozy, and homey, with boho touches and lots of plants—perfect for a more bohemian wedding.

  3. Yacht: This is not your average wedding on the water. Take your nautical up a notch with an upscale, black-tie wedding on (or inspired by) a yacht!

  4. Under the sea: Hold your under-the-sea nuptials at an aquarium so you can say “I do” alongside creatures of the deep. Decorate with turquoise, coral centerpieces, and sand dollars.

  5. Rainforest: If you’re interested in hosting a private, tranquil affair, consider a rainforest-themed wedding. Pick a destination with rich, natural landscapes, send a destination wedding save the date, and play up the greenery decor.

  6. Yoga retreat: Enter marriage with a cleansed mind and spirit. You and your guests can reach a Zen state through meditation during the ceremony. Then dress up your reception with yoga-inspired relics and handwoven blankets.

  7. Safari: If you and your spouse are animal lovers, consider a safari wedding theme. Embrace natural tones mixed with animal prints for an eclectic, bush-inspired vibe.


Creative Alternative Wedding Themes

  1. Rock ‘n Roll: Get inspired by rock stars from decades past with a wedding theme that celebrates your love for music, fashion, and eclectic decor. You can rock n’ roll all wedding night, and then party every day with your spouse from here on after!

  2. Festival: If you and your partner love music festivals, consider a festival wedding where guests camp onsite, rock floral crowns, and dance into the night.

  3. Carnival: Be kids for the day with this wedding theme that lets you relive your childhood. Incorporate silly touches such as balloons, circus tents, and fair food — but maybe beware of clowns.

  4. Gothic: A castle-like venue is the perfect setting for a gothic affair. Consider ditching the white wedding dress in favor of something more sinister and don’t forget to light up lots of candelabras.

  5. Steampunk: This chic and sexy wedding theme is reminiscent of the steam-powered aesthetics of the Victorian era. Have some fun with your wedding day outfit and encourage guests to get into the theme, too!

  6. Celestial: If your love burns as bright as the stars in the galaxy, consider a celestial wedding to celebrate the sky. Star-crossed lovers can get decor inspiration and color palettes from astronomy, stars, and outer space with this out-of-this-world wedding theme.

  7. Mountain: If you’re a morning person and/or lover of the outdoors, how about a hike-themed wedding that has your guests up and active at dawn? Play up the hiking theme after your intimate, mountainside ceremony with a celebratory brunch reception.

  8. Halloween: If you’re getting married in the fall, take advantage of the spooky season’s deep color pallette and popular accessories such as pumpkins, smoke, and crystal balls.

  9. Murder mystery: While you have everyone all dressed up, why not throw a murder mystery (and some funky accents) into the mix? Perfect for couples who love games, this wedding theme can be incorporated into the decorations, entertainment, and menu.

  10. Game of Thrones: Winter is coming to your wedding with this theme straight from Winterfell. Let your wedding party get into character with faux fur, tiaras, and thick braids.


Sources: Uriel Photography | Michelle Edgemont | Nichols Photographers

After you’ve found a wedding theme perfect for you and your spouse, it’s time to start wedding planning. Shop for decor and more at Zola’s Wedding Boutique, and don’t forget to match your invites to your wedding theme.

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